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Both Dr. Baer, who did my implants, and Dr. Marcus, who did my new teeth, are absolutely phenomenal. They were so gentle with me and they are both so compassionate. I was so relaxed in having the teeth pulled and the implants inserted that I fell asleep. I was never really happy with the crowns and the bridge that I had before. They did not look like my original teeth. I was uncomfortable with my smile. My new teeth are so pretty and they look like my high school graduation picture, and I could not be more excited. I could not possibly think of ever going anywhere else for implants.


Thank you, Dr. Baer and Dr. Marcus! I love you guys! You are the absolute best!   Janet Bunch







Dr Marcus,


Thank you for creating the most beautiful and natural looking smile for me - I am beyond thrilled with the result!  This is something I have dreamed of since I was a teenager, and without you it would not have been possible.


I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.  See you in the New Year!         B Hoffman















Dear Dr Baer, This is a quick note to express my gratitude for your thoughtful prescriptive treatment and gentle care. As a fearful (and, thereby, potentially difficult) patient, I very much appreciate your cautious and charming "chair-side" manner. Thanks very much for your clear and thorough explanation of the plan for me to achieve good dental health. Looking forward to continuing to work with you!            R Bauer





Dr. Baer gave me an implant to replace a crown. My dentist at the practice recommended the implant in lieu of having another crown (this would have been my 3rd from a childhood accident). I hate going to the dentist but Dr. Baer was great. He scheduled  number of appointments with me to check on my progress and he was friendly, quick, efficient, and very professional.  The implant is one of my two front teeth and when it came back from the lab he insisted on sending it back because he felt it could be a slightly better match for my other teeth; he also had me use whitening strips during my waiting period for my other teeth to make sure I would have a near perfect match. The implant would have probably passed without anyone noticing but he was right and the small changes made the implant perfect.  I would have no problems returning to him and recommending him to someone else.    Henrika McCoy




Review of Dr. Martin Marcus - Chicago, IL



My 12 year old son experienced severe trauma to his upper teeth and face. After a vist to ER we were left with instructions to meet with no less then 5 specialists (Endontics, ENT, Oral Surgeon, Ortho, etc) with one guiding our way. We were extremely stressed and confused as to what to do. We needed a quarterback. One call to Dr Marcus changed all that. He patiently talked us through what we needed to do and referred us to the quarterback we needed. He did this without ever meeting us or asking for any form of payment whatsoever. Dr Marcus did not treat me, but he absolutely guided us at a time in need. THANK YOU DR. Marcus.







I know I already dropped you a line to thank you for your referral to Dr. Delfs, but I wanted to follow-up and give you further and specific feedback on my experiences there. As you know, our first visit with Dr Delf's was exceptional for Von. I have since followed-up and gone in as a patient myself. I am so impressed with Dr. Delfs' abilities to do dentistry as well as diagnose problems and propose solutions to fix them.


In addition to her skills, her support staff is the best, better than any other healthcare office I have experienced. Her staff member that handles the insurance has done so much research to help me best utilize my benefits. She is more knowledgeable than any other person in her field that I have met. I just had a cleaning last week with her hygienist and it was the best cleaning I've EVER had. She too, is excellent in her abilities - thorough, gentle and knowledgeable.       Deb






Hello Chicagoland!  Anyone out there who is simply seeking/in need of the BEST oral and cosmetic care, this message is for you.  Consider hiring Dr. Marcus, Dr. Baer and the UAD Team to be charge of your dental health.  You would indeed be fortunate to be their patient.  My husband and I have been in their care for 10 years plus and I can say without reservation that we're in good hands.  In May of 2011, my husband was involved in a serious accident that required extensive dental repair as part of his recovery.  We were blessed (let me count the ways) by their professional skills.  If you are one who is timid about going to the dentist for "scary" reasons like root canals, oral surgery, etc., fear no more.  They educate you so that you understand what to expect and the process goes smoother than you could ever imagine.  Bottom line: not only are they experts in their profession, but they are compassionate and supportive everyday people...like have a fantastic cheerleader team!  Go for it!  It'll be a dental experience that you can't keep a secret, but like my husband and I, you'll want to spread the good news around town.         T. Williams





 I could not be more pleased with my new full set of lower teeth and with the extreme kindness and consideration shown me by everyone at UAD. The work itself did take time, but at no point did I sense it would be completed before I was entirely satisfied in every last detail. The procedure, to create an entirely new lower denture, began with two implants, expertly and quite painlessly fixed in place by Dr. Baer immediately following the removal of my remaining two teeth. Then came the healing process and, finally, the fitting of six permanent, well-contoured front teeth that hinge a carefully fitted, removable set of back teeth, molded to follow the slope of my recessed jaw bones. For all of this detailed fitting and recontouring, until both fit and look gave the natural appearance I so wanted, I thank the great skill and quiet persistence of Dr. Martin Marcus.  Were it not for his patience and his ability to customize teeth well beyond the standard denture, I would be not be the very happy lady who now writes this.  Dr. Marcus, I should add, has been my dentist for more than 30 years, and never once has he failed to live up to my high expectations.        C.B.





"UAD/Dental Implant Institute of Chicago provides excellent dental services. I have been a patient there since 1998 and have received a broad range of services over the years - including dental implants.  The UAD patient experience for me is always exceptional in that Dr Martin Marcus and his staff always place the patient first.  Dr Marcus' work ethic is like none that I have ever seen.  In a word, he is incomparable.  I highly recommend this practice, including its dental hygienists who work with Dr Marcus to help prevent dental problems."





 Dr Dr Hallas ~


"I can't began to thank you enough for all you did for me.  It was so kind of you to see me for Dr Baer.  I truly appreciate all the time you spent with me and wanting everything to be perfect.  I feel so relieved knowing you took care of this process and knowing it was done correctly.  It has been a long, painful 2 years since my accident and I can't wait until I can smile again.  Thanks you so very much for all you did to help me!


I will send you a picture of my new smile" .... L Duncan





 "I lived with 2 missing molars for a long time, afraid of possible side effects of dental surgery. But when I lost a third molar, still in my thirties, I was forced to discover Dr. Baer after a massive research, and he has done a fabulous job putting implants covering all the 3 missing teeth. It has been 2 years now, and I can't tell my real teeth from the implants.  Restoration of missing teeth is really priceless, but it also helps that he did it in half the price quoted by others, and his staff is so warm and friendly, I look forward to my visits to his office. Dr. Baer is exactly the kind of professional, who makes our world a better place to live.”        A Singh




 Dear Dr Baer,


"I want to thank you for everything you have done for me.  You have changed my life forever!"








 Dear Dr Hallas,


"I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding work you performed on my loose filling.  I cannot thank you enough for helping me out.  It is rare to find a doctor that cares about more than just the bottom line.  I would also like to report that the hot and cold sensitivity and general discomfort has been alleviated since our visit.  So, again, thank you so much for both your kindness and your outstanding work."






 Dear Marty,


"I just want you to know how very pleased I am with my new smile.  I feel like a new woman!  As expected, you have done a great job of blending them with my teeth and they look totally natural.  Now, only wish you did face lifts! Thanks again for your great work and your kindness."


Cheers,   AJ





Joe McGinniss (author of The Selling of the President, Fatal Vision, Going to Extremes, The Miracle of Castel di Sangro, Never Enough and six other books.  His new book on Sarah Palin will be published next year by Random House) talks about his experience at UAD:


"I'd been fighting a losing battle with my pre-fluoride era, Irish-American teeth for half my adult life.


Finally, three years ago, my dentist in Amherst, Massachusetts told me the war was over:  I had lost. I'd already lost almost half my teeth to extraction and the ones that remained were beyond repair.

He told me I had two options:  dentures or implants.  Dentures were cheaper, but came with a guaranteed loss in quality of life.  Implants, though expensive, promised an actual improvement:  they would look better than my surviving teeth and there would be more of them, allowing me to chew with molars for the first time in years.


The downside?  The process would take at least two years and would involve multiple invasive procedures.  First, extraction of my remaining teeth, then insertion of screws in my jaws, then months of healing, then attachment of implants.  Et cetera.


"Have you been diagnosed with a fatal disease that will kill you in less than two years?" my dentist asked.

"No," I replied.

"Then I advise you to get started."

But I didn't.  The whole procedure just seemed too awful.


Three years passed.  Then I lost a visible tooth near the front of my mouth.  Now there was no hiding my condition. I wondered if advances in technology had made the implant procedure less onerous.  I did research online.  I found a national implant franchise that promised new teeth in a single day. Sounded too good to be true.  But the more I learned, the less inclined I was to commit to a national franchise:  I didn't want to give my mouth over to the equivalent of a fast food restaurant chain.


I kept looking.  Then I found University Associates in Dentistry.  I spent days on the UAD website, reading about Dr. Baer and Dr. Marcus, and about the new procedures in which they were leaders in this area.  I read reports from many patients who'd received implants at UAD--yes, in a single day--and I read many of the papers Dr. Baer had written.  He trained other dentists in the new technology.  He did not merely attend national and international conferences, he was a featured speaker.  Despite the inconvenience of the Chicago location, I decided to go ahead with UAD.


It may have been the best decision I ever made.  I flew to Chicago for a free consultation, to see if my jaw structure made me a viable candidate for one-day implants.  CAT scan and digital X-ray showed that I was.  I returned three weeks later to get the job done.


Between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.--eight hours during which the most discomfort I felt was the prick of the novocaine needle--I had my remaining 19 teeth extracted and a full set of upper and lower implants installed.   These are temporary:  designed to last up to a year.  Before the year is up, I'll return to have the temporaries replaced by permanent teeth. Frankly, the temporaries are so much better than what I had, I'll have to remind myself to go back. They look good, they feel good, and they are fully functional.  After three months on a soft diet (i.e. hamburger instead of steak) I'll be able to eat anything without discomfort.


I recently appeared on the "Today" show on NBC to discuss the book I'm writing about Sarah Palin. I did the interview live, from Alaska, at 3:45 a.m. Alaska time.  Even at that hour, I'm told my smile was dazzling.  (First time I'd heard that in more than twenty years!)  When the interview was over, I went to a local diner and ate a full breakfast of bacon, eggs and hash browns.


My implants have brought me renewed confidence in my appearance and renewed energy in my work and social life.  And the one-day extraction and installation was amazing.  My wife couldn't understand how implants could be inserted the same day 19 teeth were pulled.  Dr. Baer and Dr. Marcus took the time to explain.  They're not just my dentists now, they're my friends.  Everyone at the UAD office is not only a skilled professional, but so cordial and welcoming that a patient feels instantly at ease.


There was no general anesthesia, just enough benzodiazepines to cause drowsiness. I actually slept through most of the extractions, but was instantly awake and alert when it was time to move on to the insertion of the implants.  A lot of my friends still don't believe me when I tell them how easy it was to say goodbye to my rotting old teeth and to welcome a full set of implants.  All in eight pain-free hours! I ate soup for dinner and slept for eight hours with no discomfort.  I flew home the next day, eating a croissant for breakfast and pasta that night.


At UAD you're assured of being in the caring and capable hands of Dr. Baer and Dr. Marcus.


I'll forever be grateful to the wonderful people at UAD."                 Joe McGinniss




Dear Dr Baer, Dr Marcus and Staff,


"I want to thank you so very much for all of the wonderful care I was given throughout all of my dental procedures.  I love my implants.  I have not had one second of regret, pain or discomfort in any way.  My beautiful daughter, Cheryl, I must also thank from my heart for making this possible for me.  She is an assistant working beside the best.


There are not enough words to say in gratitude of how I feel now!  For starters, I am healthier and more confident in a way I haven't felt in many years.  I love to smile and you gave me my smile back.  Thank you!  After the implants were in, I would try to eat something I hadn't eaten in awhile and would stop, at first, thinking I can't chew that and then I would realize, "yes I can!"


I just wanted to say thank you again, and say how grateful and happy I am for all your beautiful work."


God Bless


Sincerely with Love,     Karen Hager




Dear Dr. Martin Marcus,


"I am a dentist based in the UK, and saw one of your patients David Gxxxxxx.

Your work is fantastic. If you don't mind me asking what composite, bonding system did you use and was it a layering technique with enamel and dentine? Amazing work."        Dr. Lee



Dear Dr. Baer,


"When I was 34 years old, I had perfect teeth, no cavities and a bright smile except one morning I woke up and my face was blown up. Everything changed for me. I had my first traumatic experience in my adulthood when I had to face the fact I was loosing my teeth.


I am 54 years old and it seemed as though it happened yesterday. Still now, the effects of this event have not diminished until you changed my life beyond imagination.


You offered me the greatest gift of my life a lower implant! How could this amazing opportunity happen to me? You picked me one day at U of C dental office to help. I am eternally grateful. Thank you for the generosity. I will make sure that I will help someone that crosses my path as you have helped me when I crossed your path."








"In the 15 years I have been going to Dr. Marcus, I have been consistently pleased and amazed with the level of professionalism, compassion and service that he and his staff provide. Over the years I have had a number of procedures including extractions, root canals and most recently five implants with Dr. Baer. All were done painlessly and with a level of care that was extraordinary. My entire family now goes to Dr. Marcus and we have recommended his practice to many friends who now share our enthusiasm."





Dear Dr. Baer,


"After interviewing 4 other dentists, I won the lottery with Dr. Marcus. I had full-mouth cosmetic reconstruction with up-to-date technology and now my smile looks "beautifully REAL." Both Dr. Marcus and implant specialist Dr. Bear placed implants where needed with excellent same day results. The entire process from start to finish was done in a timely fashion and even my temporaries looked great. Dr. Marcus was always willing to answer any questions, always making me feel like his most important patient. He takes such care and pride in his works using the highest quality laboratories. The staff is "the best" and they even got me a ‘smoothie’ during a long procedure. Both my husband and daughter were so impressed that they too are now patients. If you are looking for a wonderful and competent dentist…DO NOT hesitate to pick Dr. Marcus."






Dear Dr. Baer,


"Thank you for the excellent course at the University of Utah. It was very informative. I was very happy that I could attend. Thank you for your service to our profession. I am happy that there are men like you who are willing to share your knowledge and expertise. Merry Christmas."







I just wanted to write and thank you for being so kind to me. My teeth are doing a lot better - and I've been telling everyone that you're the best dentist/oral surgeon in Chicago!"






 "I love to laugh. Not giggle, not chuckle. No, when I'm amused, loud, convulsive peals of laughter burst out of me. For years, though, I've covered my mouth when laughing to hide the ugly silver filings that mar a number of my teeth, a legacy of poor dental care as a child. But during my first visit to University Associates in Dentistry, Dr. Marcus told me about the recent innovations in the field of dentistry that would enable him not only to treat a dental problem, but also to improve the overall appearance of my teeth in the process.......Of course, the enduring legacy of my new CEREC crown is that now I can toss back my head, open my mouth and laugh heartily without regard for the previously untoward appearance of my smile. But, as a busy professional, I was especially pleased that this all happened within the course of a single afternoon in the offices of University Associates in Dentistry, rather than having to make the multiple visits that traditional crowns require."                 Karen



"A short note to express huge thanks for your time + "TLC". You are terrific! I hear (+ can tell) that you are a spectacular + skilled dentist - but, I can also tell that you are a rare + special person."                Debra



 "Robert and I would like to thank you again for coming in on your Sunday to repair my broken smile. I have been so pleased with the wonderful job you did and your extraordinary efforts on my behalf."                Robert and Elisabeth



 "Beyond the exceptional profession care I received at University Associates in Dentistry, my regard extends to the entire staff. With their gentle manners and engaging personalities, both doctors [Marcus and Baer] eagerly answered whatever questions I raised about my problem, the options available to me, and procedures for each with great patience and clarity. Further, they have given generously of their time and talents. The rest of the delightful team -- including those who manage the front desk, the hygienists, and the dental assistants -- consistently demonstrate great concern for my needs, my comfort, and, at times, my amusement. It is a bright, cheerful place that I am happy to visit, which, several years ago, I would never had said about a dental office. The enthusiasm of the friend who referred me is now exceeded by my own!"


K. (read entire dental implant testimonial below)



"Imagine suffering for nearly five years from chronic low-grade fevers and recurring sinus infections that neither countless courses of antibiotic treatment nor sinus surgery cured. Then imagine learning -- in less than an hour after walking into a dentist's office -- the problem results from a broken upper molar that has penetrated the sinus cavity. And what's more, imagine being told there is an easy and painless remedy: the extraction of the broken tooth, the repair of the sinus cavity and the replacement of the molar with a dental implant. This was my first experience with University Associates in Dentistry.


When searching for a dentist, a friend enthusiastically recommended Martin Marcus, DDS. In a simple x-ray taken during my first office visit, Dr. Marcus and his colleague, Russell Baer, DDS, detected a vertical fracture in an upper molar that they thought might be the source of my problem. Irreparable, the tooth had to be removed.


With some gentle tugging, the offending molar came out in two parts, allowing Dr. Baer to see into the sinus cavity, which was indeed infected. He removed what he could, treated the area, and then filled the void with a bone graft and stitched closed the hole. The extent of my discomfort was limited to minimal soreness in my jaw from opening my mouth wide enough for Dr. Baer to reach the tooth. Within a week, the stitches had dissolved.


When the sinus wall had fully healed and the graft had taken, Dr. Baer inserted the implant proper -- a [titanium root] pin -- into the jaw and grafted more bone around it. Once the implant was securely in place, Dr. Marcus took an impression of my upper teeth, from which he had made a replacement molar, that he cemented onto the implant. Not only did I have a beautiful new tooth that fits perfectly and feels natural, but I also had my health back, since I am now free of fevers and infections for the first time in years.


Beyond the exceptional professional care I received at University Associates in Dentistry, my regard extends to the entire staff. With their gentle manners and engaging personalities, both doctors eagerly answered whatever questions I raised about my problem, the options available to me, and procedures for each with great patience and clarity. Further, they have given generously of their time and talents. The rest of the delightful team -- including those who manage the front desk, the hygienists, and the dental assistants -- consistently demonstrate great concern for my needs, my comfort, and at time, my amusement. It is a bright, cheerful place that I am happy to visit, which, several years ago, I would never have said about a dental office. The enthusiasm of the friend who referred me is now exceeded by my own."





"Dear Dr. Marcus,


There are not words adequate enough to express the sincerity of thanks in my heart for all you’ve done. Last Friday you did something so wonderful for me when I walked into your dental office. The kindness you and Cheryl showed knocked me off my feet. Honestly! I asked if there was anyway anyone could glue my temporary back into my mouth. I expected laughter or an office staff too busy for a decent glue job (ha). No, I was received immediately with kindness and understanding. I was in a panic because I was staying in town that evening. You went far and beyond and made me a beautiful temporary crown. This proved to be a challenging task because of the unusual drilling of the crown due to the odd shaping of the tooth. You persevered with such patience and kindness. If that wasn’t enough, you told me there was no charge after working so diligently on that temporary for over an hour while taking care of other scheduled patients! I was speechless as I walked back to my office and in a trance.


You are truly first and foremost a wonderful human being, then an amazing dentist!


Courtesy and kindness such as this is unheard of! So, I plan on sharing what you did for me with many people like the Crown’s and the office of this building, plus the many friends in my office. I am blessed!


Alex, is the security person in our lobby who directed me to your office. By the way too, I was able to enjoy a wonderful evening downtown with my husband and family that very evening. Thanks again for everything. God Bless You! "           Patti





Dear Sandra,


I am pleased to present this brief review of my very favorable experience as a patient of Dr. Martin Marcus for over ten years.  Dr. Marcus is a true professional, and his steadfast dedication to quality of service and successful high quality performance permeates the entire facility and is fully adopted and practiced by Johanna, Lisa, and everyone else who works at the UAD facility. Equally as important as the aforesaid standards of practice is the exceptionally pleasant demeanor displayed by you, Regina and everyone else who services to the needs of the reception desk at UAD. I could go on and on, but I will close by simply saying that I am very thankful for all of the kind professionals affiliated with UAD and my overall experience at UAD.


Sincerely yours,          Robin Peck





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