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Teeth Whitening Chicago


Tooth whitening treatments (teeth bleaching) can restore teeth that are stained, dull or discolored, giving you something to smile about!  At UAD, we offer several whitening options. To learn more about whitening procedures, continue reading.


Staining may be caused by several means.  Products such as coffee, tea, berries, soy sauce and red wine are notorious for staining teeth.  Over time, teeth become more vulnerable to staining from these products.  Staining may be caused by a traumatic injury or medication.   Staining may also be caused by tobacco.

















Chicago Dental Implant Procedure


Commercial whitening, whether it be toothpaste, mouthwash or strips can be somewhat effective. But many products have abrasive substances in them that can cause loss of your tooth’s enamel.


Teeth whitening can be done at home by wearing flexible trays that have been custom made for your teeth.  By placing a special gel (containing peroxide) in the trays and wearing the trays for a minimum of two hours to over night, can whiten your teeth over a period of time ~ usually five to seven days to reach desired shade.  You can continue to maintain the desirable shade by periodically giving your teeth a “boost” and wearing the trays for a day or two.


Advantages of Tooth/Teeth Whitening:


Teeth whitening can create a brighter, cleaner looking smile.




There may be sensitivity to the whitening agent.  Removing brownish or grayish stains, or pitted or badly discolored teeth may not respond to the whitening in a uniform manner.  Some teeth may be resistant to treatment, leaving the results uneven.


Teeth Bleaching Chicago


Bleaching differs from whitening in that a chemical, a special gel, is used to brighten teeth. This procedure can brighten your teeth several shades. A special light is used to activate the chemical to brighten your teeth. This procedure is done in the dental office and takes about  four (4) visits.  After which, you can use the at-home whitening technique to maintain the desirable shade ~ which is a great added benefit.