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Quick Dental Implants - Get New Teeth Right Away



You can now replace missing teeth with permanent dental implants – easily, quickly and comfortably.


The terms "quick dental implants", "permanent dental implants", and "teeth in a day" have all been used to describe Nobel Biocare's Teeth-in-an-Hour™.  With conventional treatment you have to wait for your implants to heal before teeth are placed, which can take months (the method most oral surgeons use). Using Nobel Biocare's Teeth-in-an-Hour™  or Nobel Biocare's All-on-4™ system you can get your new teeth right away. You will be able to smile and eat with confidence again!


Nobel Biocare's unique system has many advantages over traditional implant treatment. Nobel Biocare dental implants require fewer visits to the dentist, and your visits will take less time.


Did you know...

(as quoted from Insurance Solutions Newsletter May/June/2016)


As far back as early Egyptian civilization, there are records of man's attempts to solve the challenge of replacing missing teeth, and these efforts have not stopped.  It is a well-known historical fact that George Washington had only one tooth in his mouth and wore crude, painful, ill-fitting dentures.  A quick Google search yields a wealth of information on early attempts to replace missing teeth with prosthetics made of bone, animal teeth and human teeth retrieved from cadavers.  There is archaeological evidence that the ancient Mayans placed pieces of shell in the sockets of missing teeth.  We have certainly come a long way since then!


The concept of dental implants as we know them today began decades ago.  Although researchers experimented with titanium for use in the medical field as early as the 1940's, it was Swedish orthopedic surgeon Per-Ingvar Branemark who coined the phrase "osseointegrate" in the mid-1950's when he realized that titanium would bond with bone.  Branemark is credited with placing the first dental implant in 1965.  It is amazing to think that the science and development of dental implants have progressed so much in just over 50 years.


The practice of dental implantology has progressed leaps and bounds.  Today dental implants are frequently considered the standard of care for the replacement of missing teeth.  Many patient's lives have been changed when teeth lost due to accidents, cancer treatment and congenital deformities have been replaced with dental implants.













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Ancient Mayans placed pieces of shell in the sockets of missing teeth.