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Permanent Dentures


All teeth missing - "All-on-4", "Guided", "Teeth in an Hour"

Before dental implants, there were no fixed solutions available for people who lost all their teeth. Today, it is possible to replace a full jaw of missing teeth with dental implants and a fixed implant bridge (permanent denture) that results in a permanent, stable and highly esthetic solution.  False teeth have never felt or looked so good!


Dental Implants:


• Allows you to eat and function just as if you had your natural teeth

• A solid, stable solution that will serve you for life

• Preserves your facial appearance and prevents bone loss



The treatment procedure and number of visits is largely dependent on your specific conditions.

Permanent Dentures



Treatment procedure


1. Before Implant Placement:

A proper examination, evaluation and x-rays are required to prepare for the procedure.

2. Placing the Dental Implant:

A root form dental implant will be placed as an anchor in the jawbone. A temporary tooth/teeth will be provided so you will be able to eat and function normally.

3. Attaching the New Tooth/Teeth:

After a few months, the integration of the dental implant to the jawbone is complete. At this time, a new, beautiful, permanent ceramic tooth will be placed. This new tooth functions just like a natural tooth. Keeping up with your dental hygiene will keep your tooth and gums clean and healthy.

4. End Result:

Your new teeth should be hard to tell from your natural teeth - both for you and others. People who have had traditional dentures before getting a fixed implant bridge often describe this as a very positive experience.


Alternatives to a fixed bridge dental implant


Dentures that are Removable

An alternative to a fixed implant bridge is a removable overdenture.  In brief, this old fashioned denture has many disadvantages, as it is not as secure or as strong as dental implants and will most likely need to be replaced in time.  Please schedule a consultation with our staff to discuss alternatives to fixed bridge dental implants.


Removable full denture


Dentures that are Removable


A removable full denture is a denture that is loosely placed on top of the gum to cover the lost teeth. This alternative has no real advantages - except for its low price and easy installation.


The disadvantages are many: discomfort in eating, poor esthetics, affected speech, sore gums from denture movement, and continued shrinkage of the jawbone. Moreover, a full denture placed in the upper jaw severely reduces the sense of taste.





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