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UAD Patient Education

On the Day of Your Procedure


Pre-treatment care

During your consultation visit, your dentist will walk you through your pre-treatment plan.  This covers instructions regarding medication, food, drink and anything else you may need to prepare for the day of your procedure.  Please be sure to review these instructions and follow them carefully.


Bring a Friend or Relative

UAD recommends that you bring along a friend or relative on the day of your procedure.


Placing the Implants

Your procedure will include the surgical placement of a root form dental implant. A temporary tooth (teeth) will be provided so you will be able to eat and function normally.


Going Home with Your New Teeth

Before you leave, your dentist or dental assistant, will walk you through instructions on how to care for your new teeth and how you should expect to feel.  If necessary, you will also be given a prescription to help ease any discomfort.  Once you schedule a follow up appointment, you will leave UAD with your new smile.

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