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Dental crowns (tooth crowns) are made of porcelain, porcelain and metal, or entirely out of metal. They are best used in cases where teeth are broken down and need structural support and protection. They might also be appropriate if gaps are extremely wide. If your teeth are intact and you merely want to close spaces, bonding, veneers, or orthodontics may also be options for you.  Dental crown costs will vary based on the type of dental crown material used; porcelain crowns are more attractive and natural looking vs metal crowns that can be are less attractive and less costly.  Dental crowns can be used for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons to create the smile and look you desire.


A dental crown is a permanent covering that fits over a portion of exiting tooth.  Crowns may be necessary due to cracked, decayed or damaged tooth structure.  UAD uses crown material that will create a nature looking tooth that blends well with the rest of your teeth.




Advantages of Dental Crowns:


Crowns can repair structural damage, are very strong, and can be made from several different materials, including Cerec crowns ~ which can be done all in one visit.  With Cerec, there is no need for a return visit two to three weeks later.  Again, it is done all at one visit in about an hour and a half.  If there is a need to use an outside lab, a temporary dental crown will be made of acrylic resin for you until the final crown is ready.  With proper care, dental crowns can last decades!




Crowns require a relatively large amount of tooth reduction, they may be less natural looking than veneers or bonding and may show a dark blue line where it meets the gumline if your gums recede. Porcelain crowns may wear down on opposing teeth.

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