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Dental bonding is a three-step procedure that improves the appearance of your teeth. First, the fronts of the teeth are treated with a mild acid. Next, the plastic bonding material (it has a consistency of bread dough) is placed and sculpted to the desired shape. Finally, the material is hardened with a high-intensity light.


Bonding can correct many of the same things that other more, expensive procedures can for less.  Misalignment, chipped teeth are just a couple of examples of where bonding can be beneficial, with excellent results.  Bonding is ideal for reducing small gaps between teeth, creating a more pleasing smile.


Advantages of Dental Bonding:


Cosmetic dental bonding procedures produce strong, natural looking restorations, it allows in-the-mouth repairs, and it is a one-appointment procedure.  Bonding is usually quick and can be done in less than an hour.  Bonding does not reduce the original structure of a tooth and is relatively inexpensive.  Bonding can be done to match the color of your existing teeth (tooth colored filling), enhancing your smile.




Some tooth reduction is required, and it is generally considered a non-reversible procedure that makes you dependent on bonding for rest of your life.  Bonding may need to be repaired or redone more frequently than veneers or crowns.

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