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Benefits of Dental Implants


Immediately functioning teeth: It is possible to have new, fully functional teeth in just one session.


Preserves facial appearance: Tooth loss is typically followed by shrinkage of the jawbone, which may cause you to look older. Dental implants can stop this process.


Perfect fit and smile: Dental implants are made to fit perfectly in your mouth, making it next to impossible to distinguish your real teeth from your dental implant(s).


Eat what you want: Dental implant benefits are numerous.  One is that it is just like natural teeth in appearance and feel. The implants are anchored securely in your jaw so that you can comfortably eat all your favorite foods pain free and carefree!


Restores healthy teeth: Previous conventional procedures to replace missing teeth required treatment that caused stress on adjacent teeth. When a missing tooth is replaced with a bridge, neighboring healthy teeth must be ground down in order to support this bridge. This treatment option offers an immediate solution, but can cause additional dental problems in the future. With dental implants, the need to modify healthy teeth is eliminated. Dental implants offer a permanent solution  (tooth restoration) without causing any negative effects to the surrounding healthy teeth. For more information, review the video demonstration to learn about how dental implants are the clear choice for replacing missing teeth.


A long-term solution: Dental implants offer a long-lasting solution, often for life. The success of dental implants has now been recorded for over 40 years.


A quick and easy procedure: Using the leading dental implant technology, UAD is often able to place dental implants in just one hour using only local anesthetics. This reduces pain, healing time and prolonged discomfort. At UAD, dental implant patients can walk in our office and go home that very day with a new smile that looks and feels great!


Boosted self-esteem: Once you experience the benefits of new and permanent teeth you will experience renewed confidence and improved quality of life.

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