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All on 4 Dental Implants


Drs. Russell Baer and Martin Marcus have trained and mentored with Dr. Paulo Malo, who, along with Nobel Biocare, performed a pilot study to establish the All-on-4™ standard protocol in 1993. This technique requires only 4 implants for a full arch rehabilitation of teeth. A fixed computerized surgical guide is used to aid in implant placement. It provides for reliably placed implants, allowing for immediate function - new teeth the same day as implant surgery. Patients leave with a new set of fixed, non-removable teeth!  In fact, UAD started placing dental implants more than ten (10) years before ClearChoice or Eon Clinics.  And, UAD has participated in numerous dental implant studies!


All-on-4™ has gained popularity among patients with no teeth, patients with dentures or failing bridges and patients with decay that is beyond repair. The overall cost is lower with better esthetic results for the patient compared to more traditional techniques. The high success rate is also a compelling factor. Most important, patients are more comfortable with the ease and safety this technique offers. They gain immediate satisfaction with a smile and confidence that they have not felt for some time.


During a consultation with University Associates in Dentistry/Dental Implant Institute of Chicago (UAD), we are able to provide you a comprehensive treatment plan, including financing options if desired.  A 3D CT scan, impressions and photos are used to compile the necessary information that will be used to present each patient with a clear understanding of the choice of implants and restorative options. Then surgery will be scheduled. At that appointment, implants will be placed and the new teeth fitted and adjusted - all in one appointment!


After just a few months, a stronger permanent set of teeth will be constructed, customized to each individual’s esthetic requests.  With proper regular hygiene check-ups, that new set of teeth could last for decades.


Dr Marcus states: “While the traditional dental implant can take months and multiple dental appointments to complete and can require incisions in the gums, the computer-guided system we use eliminates that step and the pain and associated recovery time that comes with it. Also, the connection of new teeth to the implants allows patients to throw away their dentures immediately.”


Dr Baer states: “This technology can help patients by reducing pain, shortening the procedure time and ultimately providing a long-term solution that also allows them to return to their normal life right away.”

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